Epistea is an independent rationality research and education lab: we believe in improving the future using evidence and reason. 

Current projects

Epistea Workshop Series 2020

Series of three workshops on epistemics, internal alignment and group rationality.

  • Workshop 1: Epistemics (May 14th – May 18th, United Kingdom)
  • Workshop 2: Internal alignment (June 26th – June 28th (tentative date), United Kingdom)
  • Workshop 3: Group rationality (July 31st – August 2nd (tentative date), TBD)
Epistea Space

In collaboration with Czech Association for Effective Altruism, we run a coworking and event space in Prague.

Past projects

Epistea Summer Experiment 2019

Epistea Summer Experiment (ESE, /ˈiːzi/) was an experimental summer workshop in Prague combining elements of applied rationality and experiential education. The main goals were to:

  • Try new ideas about human rationality, such as multi-agent models of minds, and ideas about group epistemics and coordination
  • Try to use some insights and formats from experiential education 
  • Connect people interested in the topic