ESE is an experimental summer workshop combining elements of applied rationality and experiential education. The event is focused on group rationality, or in other words: how we can acquire accurate beliefs and act on them not only as individuals, but together with other people.

Learning does not only take place when listening to a  talk. We can also learn through games, simulations or adventure.

The process of learning by experience (so called experiential education) emphasizes the value of playful experimentation, curiosity-led exploration and the role of strong experiences in a safe environment to boost learning.

ESE 0.9 brings you a mixture of techniques and games, offering many opportunities to learn, explore and practice. We are trying to bridge the gap between the theoretical understanding and the practical application of tools and techniques regarding decision making and coordination.

The program will make you think, and feel. It will make you work out solid plans as well as engage in spontaneous action. It will nurture your curiosity as well as provide space for applying knowledge and practising skills you already have. It will enable you to learn more about yourself as well as how to better interact with others.

When: 28.7. – 3.8. 2019

Where: in beautiful Czech countryside in Loutí – near Prague, Czech Republic

For whom?

All rationalists who are excited about the mixture of playful summer camp, experimenting with old and new rationality techniques, and learning how to be rational together with other people.

As the event is experimental, and we are not always sure which parts will work, it is not suitable as an introduction to rational reasoning.

How it will look like?

We will spend a week together, learning, playing, running, thinking, creating, discussing and simulating different situations. The program can sometimes also run at night.

What is the price?

600 euro. In case you hesitate to join because of financial issues, send us an email: experience@epistea.org

What is included in price?

6,5 days of program day and night, instructors, equipment for outdoor activities, vegan and vegetarian food, accommodation, transfer from Prague to the venue.

What you need to bring with you?

Good mood and curiosity, clothes for one week of intense program, including for outdoors (clothes might take damage), two pairs of shoes for outdoor activities, waterproof jacket, hygiene accessories, flashlight, your personal medicine (if needed).
You also need to pay for your ticket to the Czech Republic and insurance if you are not the beholder of the European insurance card.

How many participants will be at the event?

Between 20 and 25.

Is it possible to work from the event?

No. The program is going to be intense.

Will there be enough time to sleep and rest?


It is possible that some of the games or simulated situations will be uncomfortable, physically demanding or look completely crazy at first sight?

Yes. However, all participation is voluntary, and no activities depend on high physical fitness. Generally, we strive to create a safe environment conducive to learning.

What if someone feels fear of something and will not like to participate in parts of the program?

All participation is voluntary and there will be always the option to withdraw from particular activity.

How to register?

If you want to spend the summer with us and are able to join for the full length of the event, please, fill-up this registration form. You will get more details about the event and payment instructions within three weeks after your registration.

See you soon!

More questions?

Contact us: experience@epistea.org

The event is organized by Epistea Lab, in cooperation with Czech EA Association, EA Geneve and EA Helsinki.